Monday, February 8, 2016

AT LAST! No Budget Cinema Returns!

That's right, I am officially announcing that I'll be producing a new film this year. It is presently in the early writing stage but the concept and basic plot have been finalized. We will not go into production until this summer so we're looking at a late 2016 release, sometime between Halloween and Christmas, ideally. This film will likely be in color and it will be a sound picture (talkie), with a contemporary setting. It is more like my stuff before the last film (though that is being facelifted with new post-production and will return...).

As time goes on, I'll be releasing teaser graphics, trailers and the title, of course.

This will be an exciting project for me! I think you'll like it, too.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Notice of Correction

Hey folks,

I would like to use this space to announce a correction. On the film Sloppy Dead Seconds, I miscredited Scott D de Hart as a producer. However, through a mistake on my part, Mr de Hart did not intend to provide funds to the film, he intended for his donation to go to my writing research. Thus I apologize to my associate Mr de Hart for any grief or aggravation this error could or has caused him. Scott was in no way involved with the conception, production or distribution of this film. For the record, we are friends and remain so and this error has in no way affected that fact. However, I like to admit when I make an error and, due to the edgy content of this horror film -- which, by the way, was never released due to my dissatisfaction with it -- I wish to clarify this on behalf of my friend.

Walter Bosley

P.S.  I'm still developing another project so keep watching!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hello loyal followers,

Just to bring you up to speed, No Budget Cinema is not dead. I have been looking at project ideas, developing one, considering others. I had some other business to attend to with my publishing company and writing projects and those have been going strong. I wrote and published five books in six months last year and they are some of my best works, both fiction and non. I'm also bringing my Lost Continent Library Magazine back for another go at it and that is coming along very nicely. So...with my son in Wisconsin directing his first feature film, naturally my mind and heart return to film!

The film I'm thinking about is not Kaleidoscope Grimoire, as that will require the biggest budget I've worked with yet at a minimum of $5,000. What I have in mind will be another B&W period piece. Things are brewing in the creative aspects of this project so when the time is right, and all goes well, I'll make more posts here about it. I have some considerations to make as regards my general situation because commitment to a film goes much more smoothly with a steady foundation under one's feet. The good thing is that I do not intend for this film to take six months to produce as did Hell's Bells. I will allow myself half that time, one third the cast (if that), and even less money. Anyway, it will benefit from everything I learned on Hell's Bells.

I look forward to 2015 being a good year to return to your 'screens'.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Look At New Movie Project In Development!

I would like to announce the title for the next project!
 Click Here to See The Title!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Back For 2014!

Hey all!

Well after the holidays and some time off to work on a book, I am returning to the world of No Budget Cinema. Here's the update:

Sloppy Dead Seconds 

We had a screening of the rough cut of 'Sloppy Dead Seconds' for the producers and it went well. The screening gave me an opportunity to see an audience, albeit a small one with a stake in the picture, react to the film. I was relieved as the laughs came where they should have.

Presently the film has been handed over to my trusty cohort in cinema, Mike Williamson, who will be doing a cut on my 46-minute first cut. I've asked him to bring it down to 30-35 minutes. As soon as he's done, I'll announce it here.

Because of some nudity, the film will not be on YouTube. Look for my announcement. I'm exploring some festival submissions before web release, but if that goes nowhere, I'll get it online somewhere.

Media Development

Though it doesn't directly relate to No Budget Cinema, I do have a book of mine being developed right now. The producer came to San  Bernardino to meet with me and discuss the project at length. Presently he is creating the pitch document. This producer has done some films for a major cable network and is very enthusiastic about the property and his vision of it on screen-- which I like a lot. I will announce here if anything to crow about happens, but I can say it is potentially big.

Next Film

There will be a next film! It will likely be a concept I'm developing that is a very personal vision. It will definitely be a No Budget Cinema film under the 'Vintage Vision' banner (as was Hell's Bells) so expect B&W. I don't want to reveal too much yet so keep your eye out here for any announcements. I have promised myself that I'll finish and publish three books this year before significantly starting production on any new film. I'm done with the first book, the second book is identified and will be short (around 100 pages) and the third one is presently unidentified. That means to not look for me being in production until mid to late summer, most likely. The film will also be one that I take my time on to get it exactly how I want it. You can count on 'exotic' California locations, period costumes and an attempt at a captivating  visual style. The title will be released as soon as the script is completed and I decide I like it.

I'm glad to be back and I'm looking forward to the coming months of No Budget Cinema!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Sloppy Dead Seconds' Wraps!

We have finished principal photography on the film!

The wrap came a couple weeks later than intended because of a cast member's schedule being unpredictable, but we finally got it all in and now 'Sloppy Dead Seconds' is in post. Three quarters of the rough cut is done. I'll plug in the remainder of the rough then do another pass with editorial consultant Scott Eilers, which should refine it greatly. Once I'm happy with the cut, we'll do the voice tracks required in a couple of scenes and lay those in, followed by laying in the music tracks. Finally, I'll polish here and there a tiny bit to make it just right. I'm shooting for December 14th if not sooner as the date SDS will be what it's going to be.

But it doesn't end there. SDS is only an hour long. It will actually be part of a 'double feature' program. On premier night, it will be presented with several trailers and perhaps a short by another filmmaker. In subsequent special screenings, it will be presented with "Hell's Bells" as the first feature (along with trailers and other goodies). Ultimately, it will be screened with another 'exploitation' style film I plan to knock out in the coming year.

Anyway, it is quite exciting to have another film finally completed after a couple of frustrating false starts.

I'll be on here more often as post production progresses and screenings are scheduled...